I’ll Take One of Each


Benjamin Bloom or Chris Casablanca, makes no difference to me, because both are 100% fuckable in my mind. I can spend hours imagining myself with either one of them.


Lord above, I’d kill for a chance to be impaled on that beautiful uncut penis. It is so thick, and long, that it would definitely hit my sweet spot, long before it was fully impaled inside of my ass.


Is there anything more enjoyable, than having someone like Benjamin licking at your pucker hole?

Like I can just see how I’d caress those perfect bodies, with my hand, my body, my mouth. I’d kiss every square inch of their toned belly, of the thighs right inside of their legs.

I mean come on, take your pick, but remember, you gonna have to duke it out with me first. 

They are Mine.

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