Kyler Moss Gets My Vote

horny twinks times three

From left to right we have, Ryan Sharp, Chris Jett (middle) and my choice, Kyler Moss (right) who look like some pretty happy twinks.  Weird lamp, and damn it all, it hides the juicy parts, but hell, you just know there are other pictures, right?

enjoying being piggy in the middle

hard ass stuffing in three way

I enjoy my twinks that can express themselves, both in facial expressions and voice.  Honestly, who the fuck wants to play with a twink who just lays there, who looks like they are in school listening to a boring lecture on Physics?

Honestly, if they can’t moan, and scream a little when getting their nice tight butts stuffed, who wants ‘em?

One more reason I’ll vote for Kyler Moss for my Twink of the Week.  Or maybe month?  That dark haired beauty is skinny, has a nice cock, and can take it up the ass like the best of them, as well as drive it in, like a true power top.

keeping the cock hard

Better yet, Kyler Moss refuses to be left out of the fun, and you just gotta love that.  I know I certainly do, and if I could, I’ve have this number over as often as I could.  ( I do have deep pockets   lol )

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