Uncut Hunky Gianni has one sweet pucker hole


Meet Gianni, a mix Italian & French Canadian.

He’s got a sort of swarthy look to him, and yes, he is uncut.

Thing is, don’t you think he’s got a bit of a paunch developing there? Either that or his torso is way longer than his lower body, and yes, he has some facial hair ( Damn ).



Damn, his balls sure fucking hang low, and look at that pristine butthole.  Bet you rimming types will be drooling over that pucker hole.   Hey, to each their own, right?

So I suppose the real question is, would you prefer to FUCK HIM or would you perhaps like to enjoy having him FUCK YOU with that nice uncut cock of his?

Need a closer look?


I dunno, that is a might fine looking pucker hole, if you ask me.  And hey, I do know my buttholes. I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying them, and I have to say, that is a nice one.  Look at the hair curled around his cheeks, all aiming to that one special entry.  

Got a dick that can satisfy Gianni?

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