Watching Himself Get Fucked Raw


It is a different bit of a scene, that puzzles me.  I mean the guy is rather cute, good looking even, but the photographs are done from a POV of the Model  (  Marco Bon Phoenix  )

Like what kind of stage name is that?

Anyhow, you get a lot of him staring up at the camera guy, who happens to be the lucky stiff who gets to have fun with twink Marco.   The idea is that we are supposed to imagine he is looking at us, that we are the ‘cameraman’ .



I don’t know if that works or not.  Gotta admit, it is a bit different, and yet, I don’t know.  I rather enjoy seeing him staring at the cock, not up at the guy whose cock it is.   Like when I have a date who is sucking me off, I enjoy watching his facial expressions, while he concentrates on my cock.  Seeing him staring up at me, makes me self conscious.  


Now that kind of picture, I can get off on.   It will indeed fuel my dreams a lot more than seeing Marco looking up at me.   Though he does have a rather nice face, and those eyes are a bit dreamy.

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