Pucker Hole Worth Stuffing

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Gregory found this little sexpot, and while he is busy drooling over the guy’s big schlong, I am savoring that tasty looking ass of his.

After all I am a TOP and I do like nice butts, with even nicer pucker holes that need some plugging.  And this little number would do me just fine.   Yeah, its a bonus to have a nice cock, but it is the firm butt cheeks, the tight little hole, that has me warming up the lube and stacking up the cum rags besides the computer.

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firm butt cheeks

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You know, that hole look so tasty, I wouldn’t mind giving him a damn good tongue fuck before I shoved my hard dick in.   No, I wouldn’t wait, but I’d drive the entire shaft deep into that tasty looking ass, so I could hear him do more than grunt.

I like my Men to know they are with a real man, to feel every inch of my cock as it plows in straight and deep. Hell, I wanna hit that sweet spot with my first thrust, and then rock him, as I keep on hitting it.

My goal is simple, I want to pound his ass until I fuck the spunk right out of that big cock he has. And I know I can do it.


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