I’ll Gladly Train Two of the Three

Alex, Jacob, and Jake

I think I am going to have to have words with Gregory.  I wouldn’t be so mean as to actually lock the door on him, but after seeing what he said, well maybe.   Mind you he is after someone like that dark shaggy haired guy in front.

Me, I want the more muscular stud in the middle or back end.  Jake Steel is a bit too, well preppy or modern for my particular tastes. While he is sexy, I kind of go for the “All American” look that Alex Andrews gives.    Plus I find, I have more luck in shagging those kind of guys, than the Jake Steels.   Not sure why but maybe they are just looking for guys who are like them, more uh, politically correct in both appearances and style?  LOL

Alex sucks Jake's cock

Thing is, I like to be serviced by my dates.

Somehow, I don’t see Jake as the servicing type, he is more like how I am.  Now Alex, well he on the other hand seems to be quite willing to get on his knees, suck a cock, and even spread his lovely firm ass cheeks for a decent sized dick.  Something I can supply, despite what Gregory says.

Jacob appears to fall into that category too, but honestly, he’s too twinkish for me.  Maybe he’s fine for some of the others, but for me, I want a guy who looks like he’d get into the bar, not get carded each time.

sucking and fucking

One more reason why I enjoy a guy like Alex. Not just for his physical looks, his well defined body and big cock, but because he knows how to please.  Like fucking the little twink, he is still able to keep Jake happy by sucking on his cock.  Plus, he doesn’t miss a stroke.

getting blown while kissing

He can even plant a nice juicy kiss, while getting his pecker sucked.  I mean that is what I expect, and somehow, I think Alex would be my choice for a lovely tryst.  As for Jake, and Jacob, well I’ll let them have each other.

See I am not greedy.

sexy All American hunk

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