Blond Bisexual

bisexual Chris

The blond is Chris Jett, a bisexual that is also married.  Yes, I said married, and no, not to another guy, but to a female.  And she is okay with the idea of him being with guys.   Like go figure that one out.

Myself, any young man who is willing to bend over, is Fuckable.  I just love the whole idea of driving my cock into their tight little asses.   However, as I get on in years, I can see myself being a bit more selective.

So is the beefy guy ( Ryan Sharp )  a better choice or the bisexual waif?

cock sucking

giving him head

I am going to go with Chris, the bisexual stud with the colorful tattoo.  Why?   Well, in the promo stuff, he says he likes to have things stuck up his ass.

Can you think of anything better to stick up his ass than a nice hot throbbing cock?

IF that isn’t enough, how about he even enjoys giving a guy a rim job.  I mean that’s gotta make him good Fuckable material, don’t you think?

licking his butt crack

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