Kyler Moss and Conner Bradley

sexy twinks

I love a moaner.

Which means, that my vote for which is more fuckable, is gonna go to Kyler Moss, the hottie on the right.  Not only is he an attractive eighteen year old, but he has a lovely big uncut fuckstick.

To be honest, I’d bend over for him, simply because of that lovely cock of his.

Kind of jealous of Conner.

I mean he gets to not just enjoy sucking on Kyler’s lovely penis, but he gets to stuff that gorgeous tight ass too.

What really frosts me though, is that Conner fucks Kyler so well, that he gets a surprise Cum Facial from Kyler.  Like, that should be my face, covered in Kyler’s cum, not Conners.

Kyler Gives Conner Cum Facial