Colorful and Tasty Pucker Hole

showing his ass off


cranky old geezersIs Etienne Fuckable?

Damn right he is. I mean check out those young firm cheeks of his, and that lovely looking bung hole.

Tell me you wouldn’t want to slide your dick down that tasty little love tunnel.  I sure as fuck would, in a heartbeat.

What can I say, but I like twinks.

Now Etienne is not just A twink, but one of those Emo Twinks.

Means he likes colorful hair, sometimes clothing, and well, for me, Emo’s usually wear some very tight fitting clothes, which really show off their bodies.

Hell, I grew up when everyone wore tight clothes.  Made it easy to check out their baskets, and damn, I came a few times when checking out some of those lovely asses, nicely cupped in a pair of good fitting Levi’s.


naked pictures of Etienne

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