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FUCKABLE is dedicated to the men who, in our contributors opinions, are totally hot, and worth FUCKING.  In other words, we are a bunch of perverts who like all kinds of hot guys, from the wild sex machines known as twinks, to the more sophisticated older types that are even ( SHOCK ) in their thirties.

So meet our Contributors, the guys who will bring some of the sexiest and most desirable guys we can find.   All of these sexy guys, will get you hard, and wanting to spend a few long hours, fantasizing over them.

naked man with tieUncle Harry is the oldest of us here. I don’t know why we let him in, other than he pays the bills, and well, he’s not really bad for an old geezer. 

Plus, he’s as horny as the rest of us, and like he says, there may be gray hair on his top, but his cock is still pink and stiff, and no, he doesn’t need any blue pills for that. 

Just lots of hot sexy young men.

But then, anyone under 100 is younger than him.  LOL

Mind you he does have an eye for barely legal flesh.  I mean he did find that blond hottie, didn’t he?

sex fiend and all around pervertOn the other hand, Fornicating Fred is nothing more than a Senior at some fancy College and he likes to spend his time studying for his Major.   SEX FIEND!

I think he minors in DRINKING with a possible second minor in EXHIBITIONIST but hell, he does know how to find hot bed partners.  Course he isn’t into the skinny types like Uncle Harry.

He’s more into guys like Jack Harrer who have some body definition to them, along with a very big penis. I think his real Major should be  SIZE QUEEN.

Fred does prefer to go from one guy to another, rather than tie himself down ( well unless he really trusts you  ) to just one guy.  He prefers to satisfy his cravings for cock, often.

Hell he even tried feeling up a guy, who was just standing in the cafeteria line.  Now that is either gutsy, or just plain horniness.  It’s also a bit risky, because well, you just never know about how some guys will react to that kind of advance.

But fuck, Fred couldn’t care less, given he’s a Jock, who has been boxing since he was like, ten or so.  Least so he says, and judging by those two meat hooks he calls hands, I’d kind of agree.  Plus you should see his nose, damn it looks like its been broken more times, than the US Economy.  LOL

And then we have me.

bookworm if it has dirty picturesI use the screen name of  “Flaunt It” simply because, well, I am the one who has the looks. I mean honestly, compared to Fred or Uncle Harry, I am a bloody Adonis.    For real man.

Okay not really, but I am doing Post Graduate work at the Uni, and hey, I’ve never had an empty dance card on the weekend, unless by choice.  I mean, I usually can pick out someone, for a bit of a romp in the old sack a roo, without too much trouble. 

Hell some weekends, I do manage to have a pretty full card, but honestly, I try to limit my fun, to just one night of the two. I am not just a pretty boy, but I got me some brains too, and if you’ve ever done Post Graduate work, you know it ain’t easy to juggle free time.

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